Thursday, 14 May 2009

Phaedra's Love - Final Designs

These are my Final designs for Phaedra's love. All of them are quite simple as I wanted an audience to look at them and think they are normal, I want what happens in the play to be even more shocking than it already is. I have given all the main characters facial prosthetics. This is to show the audience their inner feeling and to make them look distorted, you know there is something not right with them. For the extras I wanted them to have a black band over there eyes. This is to make them look like a chorus and to hide there identity. I got this idea from looking at a photographer called Joel-Peter Witkin, as he does this to his models and his pictures have the feel of what I wanted in my designs. As they are not as rich as the Royal family I wanted to show this. I wanted the sex and nudity and all the themes in the play to be seen in the extras. Some of them are also bound, I wanted this so that the actors would have to move in a distorted way, making them even less normal.

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